Weds 23rd

Usual thing folks! If it’s chucking it down around 6ish, don’t bother! I’m hoping it will brighten up.


Weds 23rd May

Looking good for tomorrow’s meet. A word of warning, having tried to get to the Apiary from Deal for a quick visit this morning, I got within a few hundred yards before being diverted all over East Kent (OK, bit of an exaggeration there!) due to road works. ( fixing potholes ). Apparently they should be finished by tomorrow evening, but…!

Tomorrow we want to swap out old frames of set honey for new ones in the brood boxes and put varroa monitoring boards in for checking next week. Also do a quick check on the swarm in the Poly hive to see if they are OK and have brood yet.

Weds 16th May

Hello all, we’ll go ahead tonight despite the cold weather. (As Pete said, we can’t keep on cancelling!)

I can’t promise we’ll open hives, but out of that cold wind you never know. There will be other things we could do anyway, a question and answer session perhaps, a bit of housekeeping, we’ve got two solar extractors going (!), a bit of health and safety, or anything else anyone would like to cover.

Tues 8th May

Hello all. Nice weather at last, looks like we’re on for tomorrow evening, 1830.

I managed to get a full inspection in on Thursday. Plenty to do tomorrow.

Here is a totally unrelated but interesting photo! This is a big feral colony that Eric cut out of somebody’s roof! Photo from Eric Catell.


Wed 2nd May – meeting off

Sorry folks, once again this accursed so called Spring has let us down. The weather is forecast once again to be wet and cold.

Better weather forecast towards the end of the week and onwards, fingers crossed.

A cry for help again. If anyone is able to help out with a couple of tasks Friday or the weekend can you email or ring me please? We need to put the small shed up, and cut the grass. Ta.

Wed 25th April meeting OFF

Sorry folks. Now raining hard, temperature forecast to be around 10c this evening.

We’re going to have to call it off. Nuisance, as we have things to do, but they will have to wait until Sunday.

Don’t forget the April monthly meeting is on SUN 29th due to the Kent Bee Health Day on Sat 28th. This Sunday meeting is exceptional, we have no plans to meet on Sundays in the future.

We’d 18th

We’re on for this evening folks short of a dramatic and unforecast change in the weather. See you 1830. Jackie and I finally got the first inspection done on Saturday last, we have things to do.

As always though, if it’s chucking it down, don’t bother!