Weds 5th June

A bit of a fun evening, getting hands on and learning and practising queen marking with drones. So if any beekeepers in the Eythorne / Shepherdswell area find drones turning up in their hives with coloured dots on, this is the reason!

We also transferred the Langstroth nuc into a full hive.

1700 again, weather permitting, when we should do some hive inspections. Jackie and I ran a virgin Queen into hive 1 last week, smoking heavily. (Bees that is, not us!) Let’s hope they have accepted her, as their temper seriously needed improvement!


One thought on “Weds 5th June”

  1. I don’t know about the bees just getting a smoking; I never had to smoke my cuffs so much!
    Ah well, just some of the trials of beekeeping. J


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