Wednesday 22nd May

A busy evening. All colonies were examined. Maggie Harrowell supported the usual suspects, and took a group through a couple of hives.

Jackie and Eric checked the Langstroth, where we had put a test comb the previous week, as they had been seemingly queenless for some time. The test comb had no queen cells, but, Lo and Behold, eggs and young brood had appeared on the original combs. It seems that adding a test comb, apart from confirming queenlessness, can stimulate a young queen to lay by the introduction of brood pheromones. The nuc we had prepared to requeen the Langstroth colony may now have to be transferred into a full hive. 

The poly hive is building well, as are colonies 1 and 5, which we shook swarmed a couple of weeks ago.

One colony had made Queen cells, a Queenright nuc had been taken out to prevent swarming, and cells were reduced to one.

Next week, 29th May, we will start an hour later at 1700hrs.


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