The weather was kind to us at last. A lovely warm evening, the bees busy at their work.

We’ve moved another three hives into Eythorne from my apiary, to ensure that we have suitable colonies for the BBKA Basic Exam in June.

The colony dedicated to Mary’s work with beginners at the monthly meetings has expanded nicely and we moved that into a full sized Poly hive. This was a colony overwintered in a nuc.

The two colonies shook swarmed last week were busy, and still had syrup in feeders.

The Langstroth nuc, set up with a Queen from Jackie’s apiary in order to requeen the Langstroth hive is progressing well. There was no sign of eggs or brood in the Langstroth, despite the emerged Queen Cell a couple of three weeks ago, but to be on the safe side we put a test comb of brood in to confirm that they were queenless. ( this will also prevent workers starting to lay). Once confirmed, we’ll combine the nuc with the main hive.

The meeting next week will once again be at 1600. As the summer progresses we will move the start time back. Apologies to all who can’t make the earlier start times, hopefully in a few weeks we’ll be back to 1800.


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