Weds 25th July

1830 again this week. It is forecast to be very hot, so evening seems the better option. I recommend you bring water to drink, as we have none on site.

We plan to inspect all the hives, as that didn’t get done at the weekend. Too busy with extraction. We’re past swarm season now ( I hope ), laying is slowing down, so that shouldn’t be a problem ( again, I hope !). Attendances have been great the last few weeks so we’ll split into smaller groups and get the job done a bit quicker.

An interesting snippet from the extraction at the weekend. When we took the first supers off a few weeks ago, Jackie and Eric kindly took some each to extract and jar as my back was playing silly b******s at the time. Eric got in touch to tell me the honey he had extracted from the Langstroth hive wouldn’t go through his fine filter. My immediate thought was that it was granulating, so I took the bucket as it was and put it in my warming cabinet ( 40c for 24hrs ). I then put it, and the other supers I’d extracted together for filtering and jarring. Lo and behold, I got down to Eric’s batch, and it wouldn’t go through my filter! There was no granulation, the honey was jelly- like, i.e. thixotropic, almost like Heather honey, and warming had had no effect. By stirring each lot as it went in the sieve it eventually went through. After a bit of research, and some help from the BBKA Facebook page, I discovered that some garden flowers produce a similar effect as Ling ( Heather, Calluna ) and Manuka, but not so pronounced. Erica (heath ), and raspberries are the prime suspects from Eythorne, and also Leptospermum if anyone has planted it. Luckily it wasn’t full on like heather honey, or Eric wouldn’t have got it out of the frames with a rotary extractor! You live and learn!

See you tomorrow evening.


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