Weds 18th July

18.30 today! Hope no one turned up at 1430!

Feels thundery. We were planning to take some supers off, let’s play that by ear!

As always though, if it’s pouring down, don’t come!

Apart from stealing the bees honey, we plan to do a Varroa assay on the poly hive. If you were there last week you’ll remember there was a fair bit of bald brood in that colony. This can be a sign of a heavy Varroa infestation. Counting mites on the Varroa insert is a guide, but not a reliable one. We plan to do an “icing sugar roll”. Bees are shaken in a jar with powdered sugar ( not commercial icing sugar, which contains anti caking ingredients ). Sugar and mites fall through a grid, bees are returned to the hive. Water is added to the jar, sugar dissolved, and mites are visible. This gives a much more reliable idea of the scale of infestation, and whether or not we need to treat.

See you later.



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