Weds 11 July, continued.

20180711_163430A very good session! I was a bit concerned that folk wouldn’t turn up as it was an afternoon session, but in fact we had some of the evening gang, and some others too. We welcomed two Thanet Beekeepers. In addition, our youngest attendee, Isaac Hawkes ( 6 1/2 ) came along, accompanied by his mum Charlie. Charlie reports that he thoroughly enjoyed his introduction to bees.

Having two experienced beekeepers, Maggie and Clive with us, we carried out a full disease inspection on the colonies. Bees were shaken off the brood combs and larvae were thoroughly examined. The bees were checked for DWV. Pleased to report no problems were found.

It was notable that the temper of the bees was appreciably better than during evening inspections, no surprise really when you think about it.

We would welcome opinion on having more afternoon sessions. So many evening ones had to be cancelled earlier in the year (I hesitate to call it Spring), and in at least some cases an afternoon might have been feasible. I do appreciate that this could be difficult for some with work commitments. Let us know please if you have strong feelings either way.

Above photo is Isaac, with a model bee he made from a piece of wax he was given. Nice one Isaac, good job!



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