Wed 20th June

Looks like summer is arriving at last! Fingers crossed.

We have a few jobs to do, concerned with checking if bees are raising new Queens. I had a good go through the hives last Saturday. I put a comb of eggs and brood in the Langstroth, and also pinched a QC from Hive 4 and put that into Hive 1. We need to check the Langstroth therefore to check for QC s, and if there are any, reduce them to one.

I’d also like to check H1 to see what they have done with the sealed cell, or if the Queen has emerged and been accepted. Not always successful.

Hive 5 had QC s from the frame of brood given last week, and I reduced that to one. It is a weak colony however and might be better off in a nuc.

Hive 2 we won’t touch. I checked yesterday on QC s I found on Saturday, and reduced to one. Both yesterday and Saturday they were evil, and I received multiple stings! Hopefully they’ll raise a Q and calm down!

See you later.


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