2018 Wednesday evening meets

The miserable weather continues, this feels like the longest winter I can remember for some years.

We hope that things will improve soon, we’re desperate to get into our hives to see what is going on. So let’s keep an eye on the forecast for next week, and put WEDNESDAY 11TH APRIL in your diary, for 18.30. Even if it is too cold to get into the hives there will be things we can do of a housekeeping nature.

(As ever though, if it’s chucking it down with rain don’t bother!)

For first time attendees, the Apiary is at Eythorne Court Barn, on Shepherdwell Road, Eythorne. The Brethren Church have kindly given us permission to use the car park at their Meeting House on Wednesdays. Please don’t park on the road, or in front of the houses at Eythorne Court Barn. Having parked up, you will be able to see the hives behind. Come out of the car park, turn right, through the entrance to Eythorne Court, and go immediately right and across the grass to the apiary. Suits are available to borrow for those who haven’t got one of their own yet.

Fingers crossed for decent weather!


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