March 2018

Pete and I have been continuing to check the hives externally and by hefting, and feeding with fondant if they felt a bit light. All now have fondant on, and are scoffing it eagerly. Wednesday last, 14th, was quite sunny and warm, and bees were flying from all hives, and bringing back pollen. Still not warm enough to open up and inspect. However, given one should never assume that all hives have survived winter before April, things are looking good. (Touch wood, cross fingers, and any other superstition you can think of). We took woodpecker protection and mouseguards off last week, only to be told this week the “beast from the east” is lurking for this weekend. Should not be prolonged though. (Touch wood, cross fingers…)

We plan to refurbish the apiary on 23rd or 24th, with the members who volunteered to help out. All wooden hive stands will be replaced with Thermalite blocks set on slabs. Some will be moved towards the middle to allow more room behind. Hopefully we will no longer see people in front of the hives with their backs covered in bees! We also plan to install a small metal shed for the mower, strimmer, fuel cans and gas canisters. If you want to help out, and haven’t been in touch with us, never mind. I’ll confirm the date on here, and you can just turn up at 10.00 am. I hope to have the adjacent field open for parking.


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