January update

  • The Apiary is in winter mode, the bees will fly on the odd warm day, and on cold days will be clustered. We’ve not neglected them though! In the week before Christmas Pete and I treated the bees for varroa, by sublimating ApiBioxal, now the only approved form of Oxalic Acid that can legally be used in the UK.
  • Last week we hefted all the hives to check that they had enough stores. All but two seemed fine, and the two that were a bit light were given a fondant feed. We will check on stores regularly now so that no colonies run out, right up until the weather is warmer, and nectar is available again. March is reckoned to be the most dangerous month for our bees. They are increasingly rearing brood again and natural food can be in short supply, and bad weather can stop them flying.
  • We want to have a day or two working in the Apiary, to make new improved hive stands, and generally tidy up ready for the new season. We’ll be asking for volunteers at the January meeting, and setting dates. All help will be gratefully received.
  • Finally, and I’m so chuffed, I got an email from a lady in the USA! Her 11yr old daughter, Peyton Clarkson, is doing a project for her Girl Scouts “bug badge”, and came across the DDBKA web page, and our blog! She tells me she really liked it! Wow! We’ve reached the USA! Peyton has recommended another web page, https://www.alansfactoryoutlet.com/bees-hornets-and-wasps-of-the-world . I had a look and it’s really interesting, and definitely worth a look if your interest goes beyond just our honeybees. Thanks Peyton!



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