It’s Autumn/Winter

No more Weds night meetings now until Spring. The light has beaten us I’m afraid.

We’ll be checking the level of stores in each hive at the October Association meeting next Saturday, and starting to feed to ensure that each hive has enough to get them through until Spring. It’s recommended that each hive has 40 – 45 lbs of stores to get through. There’s plenty of ivy honey coming in, but we’ll feed Ambrosia syrup too, to dilute the ivy a bit as it sets hard on it’s own.

Then we’ll leave them in peace by and large, until it’s time for oxalic acid treatment (ApiBioxal) around the Solstice when the colonies are likely to be broodless. We’ll probably go for sublimation as research by LASI at the University of Sussex indicates that this is the most successful option. The resulting blow to the varroa population gives the bees the best conditions for renewed brood raising as the days start to lengthen again.

We hope to see everyone at the last outdoor meeting on Saturday, our Honey Show at the end of October, and the winter indoor program at Alkham Village Hall. There will be jobs to be done in the Apiary over winter, and no doubt we’ll be asking for your help from time to time through the monthly Newsletter, and at meetings.



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