Weds 9th August, continued.

Well, nine brave souls turned up, and the weather gods let us off the hook!

We removed just one super for extraction, better than nothing, and left some part filled supers for the bees. Empty, or nearly empty supers were taken off and stored for spring. The first trays of Apiguard were put on six hives. By the time we had got to the poly and Hive 1 we had run out of light, that corner being rather shaded. We decided that Pete and I would return the next day to sort them out.

The Langstroth colonies had united nicely, and Jackie oversaw combining the brood boxes into one large colony. They had little or no stores, so they were fed Ambrosia, which will need regular topping up for a time.


Pete and I returned and tidied up the Poly hive, and Hive 1, and put the Apiguard on those and the Top Bar. We also tidied up the shed having left it in a bit of a mess last night as it was getting dark.


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