21 August

Thanks to those who came along tonight.

We’ve got the hives into winter configuration, supers underneath, and put the first Apiguard trays on, ( with the exception of the Poly, which will be done at the meeting on 31st ). No meeting next Weds, as we won’t disturb them until the second tray goes on in two weeks time. ( My long suffering wife and I can go on holiday now! )

Thereafter in mid Sept and October it will be checking stores and feeding if necessary, then tuck them up until oxalic acid treatment at end Dec.

We’ll check externally, and heft over winter, doing all we can to ensure they have enough food to last until warmer weather in Spring.


Wed 7th Aug.

Hello, we should be on for tonight, barring anymore downpours!

I’ve opened hives at Chartham Hatch, Bekesbourne, and Eythorne in the last two days, and all have been incredibly “in your face” and evil! I’m putting it down to the end of the summer flow.

Tonight Jackie is going to go through the methods of setting up a nuc, for perhaps swarm control, to requeen another colony, or just to increase your colonies.

I’ll put a couple of supers of empty frames back on H14 to get them cleaned up for reuse. Otherwise we don’t propose to open hives!

24th July 2019

Looking good for tonight, 1800 start.

We’ll make sure the colonies we united last week have played the game. If so we’ll sort the brood frames, the best into one brood box, and let them get on with things.

Otherwise it’s inspections of the other colonies. There were encouraging signs from the potential problem ones last week. Let’s hope that’s continued.

See you tonight.

Weds17th July

1800 start.

Weather Forecast is OK.

Following on from last week, I put a test comb in H14 to confirm they are queenless. I will check it Tues. If they have started Queen Cells, I will bring one of my queenright nucs over to Eythorne, and we can unite it with the hive on Weds evening.

If they have not started Queen Cells we must assume that there is a failed Queen in the colony, find her and despatch her. We will then unite with the queenright nuc as before.